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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Green-Oriented Petitions

There are a number of green-oriented petitions in circulation right now. Here are a few that may interest you. (Note that most of these sites will ask you to consider making a donation but none of them require it in order to sign the petition. They may also send you emails in the future though all of them will allow you to opt out later if you wish to.)

First, Keystone Progress has a petition that allows you to sign onto a letter encouraging Congress to pass a strong energy policy bill:
There's a huge fight in Congress right now over how to attack global warming and jumpstart a green economy. On our side is everyone who wants clean energy, green jobs and cares about the future. Against us is Big Oil, King Coal, and the fact that most people sit on the sidelines.

Your member of Congress really needs to know which side you're on, and that you want a stronger clean energy and green jobs bill.

Powerful oil and coal interests did some real damage to a good bill in the House Energy Committee - winning loopholes, bailouts, and giveaways from taxpayers. The current bill doesn't actually require the creation of wind or solar power, and repeals President Obama's ability to regulate dirty power plants.

But we can strengthen and improve this bill on the House floor, if enough members of Congress will join our fight. Can you send a letter urging your representative to fight for a stronger bill?

Sign the petition HERE.

Repower America has a related video:

Environment Michigan has a petition allowing you to encourage Congress to pass The American Clean Energy and Security Act. The petition reads:

I support dramatic efforts to usher in a new clean energy economy and cut global warming pollution. The American Clean Energy and Security Act would require all new buildings to be green buildings within a generation. Please support this legislation and take every opportunity to strengthen it and deliver more clean energy for America.

Sign the petition HERE.

Finally, has a petition similar to Keystone's. The petition reads:

"We need a stronger energy bill to fulfill Obama's vision of a clean energy economy. Congress should strengthen the clean energy standards and restore Obama's authority to crack down on dirty coal plants."

Sign their petition HERE.

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