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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Detroit Free Press Endorses Localvore-oriented Public Policy

In its March 29, 2009 Sunday editorial, the Detroit Free Press urges law-makers and policy-makers to support efforts to encourage the support of local (i.e., Michigan) farmers and food growers/producers.

Policymakers, back homegrown food

The big supermarket chains that distribute most of the nation's fresh produce are partial to drier climate varieties that travel well.

Michigan growers typically do better selling the state's succulent fruits and vegetables to food processing companies that freeze, dehydrate or can them for distribution worldwide.

But Michiganders concerned about food safety and the diminished nutritional value of processed foods, plus the high monetary and environmental costs of shipping food across vast distances, are hungry for fruits, vegetables, meat and dairy goods produced closer to where they live -- and farmers, distributors and retailers are all responding.

Now it's up to policymakers to promote a trend that promises enormous benefits to Michigan's health, environment and economic vitality.

The editorial is a coherent statement on the benefits of the localvore (also called "locavore") philosophy. From

A Localvore is a person dedicated to eating food grown and produced locally. There are a lot of good reasons to eat locally grown and produced food.

  • Less resources (primarily fossil fuels) are expended packaging and transporting local food.
  • It supports the local economy - more money remains in our local community.
  • It is healthier - processing and preservatives are less important since the food doesn't have to travel so far.
  • It is safer and thus localvores are less susceptible to foodborn illnesses.
  • It is more honest - honesty in terms of the food source (i.e. organic seeds vs. GMO seeds) and the growing/producing process. It has to be! We are all neighbours.
  • If for no other reason - IT TASTES BETTER!

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